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Maintaining the Catalina for future generations to enjoy is an expensive operation. We greatly appreciate any financial help that you're able to provide.

The New Zealand Catalina Preservation Society is focused on the preservation and operation of New Zealand's only PBY-5A "Catalina" twin-engine World War Two Canso amphibious flying boat, ZK-PBY. This is one of only a few remaining operational Catalina's left in the world.The Society is a non-profit organisation which has been formed to conserve, preserve and operate the Southern Hemisphere's only active Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina amphibious flying boat.

The Society is supported by members and active volunteers who manage the ongoing support required to keep this rare and famous World War Two flying boat as a unique Aviation Heritage project.

Membership is open to anyone in New Zealand and overseas with interest in Catalina flying boats and New Zealand's aviation heritage. See below for the appropriate application forms.


* To preserve, in airworthy condition, a WWII-veteran Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina flying boat, similar to the aircraft operated by the Royal New Zealand Air Force between 1943 to 1953, as an Aviation Heritage project for the community benefit of New Zealand by:

i. Education and information of the service and sacrifice made by service men and women during the conflict of       World War II

ii. Education and information of the role these historic and famous aircraft played in most theatres of WWII. Numerous Allied forces operated Catalinas in several specialist roles during and post WWII.

* To fundraise for charitable organisations, that are supported by the Society, through the hard work of volunteer members and the generous donations from public contributions.

* To support community activities and events with ground and aerial displays.

* To honour New Zealand veterans with flyover appearances during commemorative military events.

* To educate people of the role that these aircraft and similar flying boats performed in the post-war period supporting remote Pacific Island communities. Other services including surveying and opening new air routes to isolated communities in all corners of the globe unable to be supported by conventional land-based aircraft.

* To raise the funds necessary to operate and maintain the New Zealand PBY-5A Catalina.