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Serial number CV357 Built March 1944. Manufacturer: Canadian Vickers
Registration: ZK-PBY previously Z-CAT, CF-JCV.


Airframe TT: 16020 Hrs
Port Engine: TSO 76.8 Hrs Starboard Engine TSO 557.7 hrs
Port Prop: 1547.4 Starboard Prop: 1045.7
5 yearly calendar inspection completed 2022
Next annual inspection due:
January 2024
Avionics: 2x King KY-96A VHF radios:  Garmin 150 GPS: Transponder: Audio panel:   

4x auxiliary headset plugs located at strategic positions within cabin and galley areas

Current interior: 16 passenger configuration. Located in North Island-New Zealand Major wing refurbishment undertaken 2014-2016. Includes new fabric on trailing centre sections

Spares include:
• Spare engine TSO 1150 with 500 hr cylinders fitted and inhibited
• 2 core engine crankcases 400-600 hrs TSO. Both require master rod replacements
• Prop and engine spare parts purchased from Fieldair stock.
• Spare Mags, Starter, 4x Generators, Cylinders for 2 engines.
• Two new (unused) main tyres + Main undercarriage leg + Nose wheel leg (Requires seals) + nose oleo
• Airframe parts: Main plane trailing edge sections, Ailerons, Floats + 2x Float Actuating Lead screws
• 11x Spare exhaust sections + sundry exhaust systems components
• 5x brake slave cylinders+ 10” hydraulic accumulator
• 1x Serviceable Carburettor. 2x PD12H-4 Carburettors – as removed
• 9 x American Bosch magnetos (not the same as the Bendix ones fitted to a/c)
• Sundry electrical, hydraulic, propeller components, nose wheel components.

Airworthy 1944 PBY-5A Catalina

For Sale

USD $495,000.00 (+GST if applicable)

Serial number CV357 Built March 1944.
Manufacturer: Canadian Vickers
Registration: ZK-PBY previously Z-CAT, CF-JCV.


• Never been or operated as a Water bomber


• History – Royal Canadian Airforce 1944-1947 - Airliner, Freighter and remote outpost lifeline 1955-1984- tourist Safaris along River Nile 1990-1993 - Peter Stuyvesant TV documentary Odyssey across several continents. Historical Warbird aircraft flying to several airports around New Zealand 1995 - current


• Converted to Type Certificate 28 5ACF in 1955.


• Configured with 16 passengers. Seats ex military transport aircraft seats (HS Andover) certified for forward or rearward loading. 2 crew stations in blister. Ideal for group outings, Adventure Flights or Living History Flight Experience (LHFE) program


• Last 28 years water operations off Fresh Water lakes -
No salt water operations.


• Operated in Restricted category – non commercial operations.

Engineering Improvements

• Fin and Tailplane rebuilt 2006- External Skins and Spar cap strips replaced. New elevator bearings replaced. New elevator fabric replaced. All attachment fittings replaced.
• Nose wheel hub modification for fitment of modern size tyres.
• Engine pre-oilers installed.
• New nose leg assembly installed.
• Passenger seatbelts repaired and lengthened.
• Cabin PA system and seatbelt sign chime.
• Independently powered bilge pump system with automatic float activatedsystem.
• Front screen and cockpit hatch glazing replaced
• Cabin and blister glazing replaced- moulds for blisters included in spares
• Mainplane refurbishment 2014-2015
• Trailing edge fabric replaced
• 2 Strut replaced.
• Interior fuselage refurbished.
• Aircraft paint striped, corrosion removed and new paint 2013-2016
• Refurbished and Fresh calendar props 2022.
• New flexible fuel and oil lines.
• Electric fuel gauges installed
• New Firewall Shutoff system.
• 2 New Main Tyres.

Catalina Sale.pdf

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