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The New Zealand Catalina Preservation Society also acknowledges the kind and generous support by the following organisations and businesses towards the refurbishment program restoring the Catalina to airworthiness:

NZCT  New Zealand Community Trust      


The Whitehouse Tavern Trust                       


Fine Particle Applications                              


Street and Cook Construction Co                


Resene Paints                                                 


Warner Construction Ltd of Waitara              



HAFU produces high quality still photographs and video footage of aviation and motorsport activities, and publishes the material in a variety of formats for the enjoyment of enthusiasts worldwide.

We've been involved with the New Zealand Catalina Preservation Society since 2002 in one way or another, and we're very pleased to be able to help the society in any way we can. We currently host this website for the Society and try to ensure that the group gets as much social media attention as possible.



Based at our Sound of White vineyard in Marlborough's Waihopai Valley, Catalina Sounds pays homage to New Zealand's famous and largest Warbird, the Catalina, which played a critical role during and after World War II. At Catalina Sounds we draw inspiration for our wines from these graceful, unique flying boats and the respect they garner throughout the world.

Our philosophy is focused upon creating wines of great honesty and purity whilst also incorporating subtle texture and complexity. This has led to development of our new Sound of White Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, a hand harvested and oak fermented wine that captures our most interesting parcels of fruit and celebrates the uniqueness and beauty of Catalina Sounds home.

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